Midpeninsula highway opinions from our youth!

We are the generation that will have to put up with the highway. The grownups who plan and build this highway have already lived a good portion of their lives but ours are just beginning. Kids should care because our health will be affected by adding another major highway. Fumes from vehicles are toxic.

We want to keep all of the escarpment protected from development because it’s beautiful and can never be replaced once it has been destroyed. If we wreck one part of the escarpment we basically ruin it all. It’s such a delicate ecosystem and should be preserved.

--Diana Luce, grade 10 student at M.M. Robinson High School

The escarpment is beautiful and we don’t want to get the Bruce Trail demolished. I have told my friends and family as well as neighbours about the highway and I found that no one I know agreed with the idea so why should we have it?

I think that the government should start again from the beginning thinking about new ways to solve the transportation problems in this area. I am extremely appalled at the way I’ve seen the government act lately and I think it’s time for an election. I may be young but I have strong feelings about politics. We need to ask all the candidates where they stand on the highway so we can vote for the ones who are against building it.

--Isabel Luce, grade 7 student at Sir Ernest MacMillan Public School

There should definitely not be a midpeninsula highway built. It would go through the Bruce Trail which is a wonderful place to hike and my favourite. I know there are alternatives but the government hasn’t seemed to do anything about it yet. They want to build a road. All it would cause is more pollution and we’re trying to cut back on that. If we kids don’t try to stop this then in the future we’ll be stuck with it and we’ll never be able to return it back to how it was before.

--Georgina Luce, grade 6 at C.H. Norton Public School




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