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Let the Ministry of Transportation, along with our political leaders, know what you think of the Niagara to GTA corridor project.

You must submit you comments to the project team by June 6, 2011.

The NGTA Project Team
c/o URS Canada Inc.
75 Commerce Valley Drive East
Markham, ON L3T 7N9

As of March 31, 2011, the Ministry of Transportation has made additional changes to the approach for the Niagara GTA corridor. Specifically, they have determined that a more focused analysis and assessment should be undertaken to better understand and compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of the transportation options and corridor alternatives in the Halton-Hamilton area. We agree with this statement and consider it an opportunity for the government to expand the framework of this project and others like it. As such, we present the following:

Points to consider including in your submission:

  • Stop building new highways whether it's the NGTA / MPH or some other super-highway. Remove any consideration of a highway through Flamborough and Burlington from the project. The world has changed greatly since this project was originally tabled. The terms of reference exclude major factors that are part of the new world reality. With the undisputable reality of climate change, the value of our natural systems the environment provides us as life sustaining elements must be given consideration. They are not items to be worked around or "mitigated". These factors have not been included in this process. For our government to re-align policy and transport planning approach with the new global reality would be a responsible thing to do.

  • Couple this transport realignment with land use planning. Position Ontario to be world leaders in food growth and supply. Due to favourable geographic location that positions us well to withstand the greatest impacts of climate change, the ability to provide a reliable, safe food supply will be of great value to those countries suffering more severe impacts such as drought and flooding. Position Ontario to seize this fantastic economic opportunity. The rest of the world is already dealing with the impacts of climate change and it will only escalate.

  • Prioritize the Metrolinx Big Move. Fund and build all those projects to alleviate congestion first.

  • To further dispel the conclusion that a highway is needed, correct the study by:

    • Adjusting the NGTA corridor model to fully take into account the reductions in congestion that will result by implementing the Metrolinx Big Move. Although Metrolinx and the NGTA study are looking at the same issue, the NGTA has not adequately addressed The Big Move.

    • The NGTA study traffic congestion estimates are antidotel. Complete actual studies based on valid methodology.

    • Population growth forecasts appear to be overestimated. Run the modelling used for the NGTA study with lower growth estimates. At this point only one model has been created using inflated growth numbers. This is not acceptably given the enormity of the project and consequences.

    • Remove the Flamborough / Burlington study area from consideration. The location is illogical and will only exacerbate GTA congestion.

    • One small item triggers this entire project. With all the questionable data and assumptions, the corridor capacity is supposedly exceeded in 2029. Given all that has not been considered to trigger such an endeavour on this item is not warranted. Remove it from the table.

  • Adjust the categories. Agriculture is a huge industry providing employment and billions of dollars to the economy and yet it is slotted under "Community" in this study. It is currently a major economic engine in the province and will only grow in value as described above. Eco-systems provide highly valuable services which cost us dearly when undermined. Include both these items as economic factors; to complete a more representative cost / benefit analysis. To do so would nullify the current conclusions that there is a "slight" economic gain to build a highway.

  • Create a new priority category in the process: Necessities of Life. This would also include agriculture and eco-systems, both life sustaining elements and recognition of climate change and the impacts. This has not been done in the NGTA study. These elements need to be considered top priority.

  • Work with the Federal Government on a National Transport policy and incorporate rail into transport planning in a meaningful manner.

  • Protect the Greenbelt. Highways will open it up to development for the benefit of the few.

  • Create one overriding agency to plan transport: Province to Province / Federal to Provincial / Province to Municipality. Stop the planning in isolation that is undermining the environmental / economic and social integrity of Ontario.

  • Check the bank account. The Province can not afford this project given the debt load.

Consider sharing your comments with:

Hon Dalton McGuinty
Room 281, Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Hon Kathleen O. Wynne
Minister of Transportation
Ministry of Transportation
3rd Floor, Ferguson Block
77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1Z8

Hon Rick Bartolucci
Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
17th Floor
777 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2E5

Hon Linda Jeffrey
Minister of Natural Resources
Ministry of Natural Resources
Suite 6630, 6th Floor, Whitney Block
99 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1W3

Hon Carol Mitchell
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
11th Floor
77 Grenville Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1B3

Hon John Wilkinson
Minister of the Environment
Ministry of the Environment
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2T5

Mr. Ted McMeekin
MPP - Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Westdale
299 Dundas Street East
P.O. BOX 1240
Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H0

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