COPE needs Professional Help!
No, not that kind of professional help.

If you have skills, expertise or experience in the following areas, or know someone who does, please let us know:

  • Media Skills or Contacts
  • Lobbying Experience, Political Contacts, Willingness to Lobby Politicians
  • Public Relations / Communications
  • Legal - particularly in the area of the environment or dealing with the civil service
  • Fundraising
  • Recruitment and Organization of Membership
  • Telephone Skills - we need more volunteers for our phone team
  • General / Other / Letter Writing / Time available to "staff" the COPE display at trade shows, shopping malls, etc.
  • Research Skills and/or Expertise in any field related to Transportation Policy

    COPE is a rapidly-growing and influential grassroots organization. By joining our team, you or your firm can contribute to the cause of preserving the Niagara Escarpment. You will meet interesting, fun, and tremendously dedicated people.

    We are currently developing a "Friends of COPE" page for our website. As our thank you, we can advertise your firm there to the thousands who view the COPE website weekly.

    Join us! Somewhere on the Peninsula, an endangered Spotted Turtle will thank you.



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