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The Escarpment was declared an International Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations in 1990.
A COPE member finds support for the cause in an unexpected spot.

Are the Tories following their own expert advice to reduce barbequing activities on smog days? Apparently not.
A shot of the Escarpment from Saturday, July 26, 2003, taken near Milton. Ironically enough, it was taken about 10 km from the Chudleigh Apple Farm, where Ontario Tories gathered that day for a large BBQ fundraiser attended by both the Premier and Environment Minister. Also on that day, a smog advisory was issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for ten regions including Toronto and Halton-Peel, where the event took place.

The air quality index that day was in the mid-60's for ozone and particulate matter.
Hamilton seen from the top of the Escarpment, looking down Hwy 6, Aug. 1, 03. Sometimes we wonder if Hamiltonians could get some idea of what the stuff they regularly breathe actually looks like, then more of them might demand more environmentally-friendly transportation solutions.
Look for the new COPE sign on Hwy 5

Hundreds of taxpayers and voters donned symbolic 'gas masks' at an MTO meeting February 4th, 2003 in Burlington. The COPE event sent a clear message to the Government that disgust over the highway is hitting the boiling point. Many thanks to Bill!

COPE member Diana L. is presented a Road Warrior shirt in recognition of her continuing efforts on behalf of the group. Diana is famous for stepping up to the microphone in front of hundreds of people and making strong and compelling arguments for air quality and the environment.
Jason Thorne, Executive Director of the Coalition on the Niagara Escarpment, Dave Eckersley of COPE, and Paul Muldoon, Executive Director of the Canadian Environmental Law Association address the media during a press conference at Queen's Park, Feb. 3, 2003.
Photo Gallery
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