The Threat of the Mid-Peninsula Highway: My Story

There are so many ways in which this highway is worrisome and hazardous to everyone, whether or not they live directly in its path. From a personal point of view, it is threatening to come either right through or very close to my family's farm. I am the fifth generation of my family to live in the house my great, great grandfather built. It is not only my heritage; it represents my memories.

I might not be living here if not for the courage and tenacity of my grandfather. He was stricken with blindness many years ago. At that point, he sold the farm to my great- uncle. After a couple of years my great-uncle couldn't manage two farms, and so my grandfather bought it back to keep it in the family. Even though he was blind, he managed to do 60 to 70% of the work, leaving what he couldn't do to his father-in-law. If this place meant so much to a man that he would farm it while blind, then that makes it even more special to my whole family. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The threat represented by the highway is heartbreaking.

C. Brown


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