HD NGTA West Area Corridor Alternatives May 8 2012

Despite pre-election promises it is clear that the MTO is steaming full ahead with the highway in

West Flamborough. Given the provinces financial woes, this is a head-shaker.

The latest MTO map shows a series of potential new highway corridors connecting the 403 at Ancaster to either the 401, Highway #6 or the 407 in Burlington.

Along with the high definition map, we’ve taken a look at the MTO’s approach to the "additional analysis", as previously promised for the West Area.


1) In our West Area, they are going to look more closely at the grey corridors on the map and find a preferred route for a new highway. Then look at impacts. At the same time, they will conceptual plan a Highway 403 widening through Hamilton. Look at impacts. Compare the two and then pick the best one. If the winner is a new highway through Flamborough/Burlington, this becomes the MTO recommendation for Phase 2 of the Environmental Assessment. And they can move right into Phase 2 without the Ministry of the Environments approval, a peer review, or anything else that involves common sense. If widening of the 403 through Hamilton wins, then MTO moves to a Class EA for the highway widening.

FLAWS at glance:

  1. All this is premised on the need for more highway capacity. With faulty population projects, this is false.

  2. People want transit, not roads. None of these routes solve GTA congestion - they just destroy the Greenbelt, escarpment, farmland and a dam nice rural community.

  3. There needs to be a third alternative in the equation, build transit and rail.

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