Queens Park Question Period - Dec 9, 2003


Ms Jennifer F. Mossop (Stoney Creek): My question is for the Minister of Transportation. The people of my riding of Stoney Creek need some clarification on the issue of the mid-peninsula highway. There's been some confusion created by the opposition with regard to this. We need to know on two issues, with regard to our commitment to the highway and also to an environmental assessment. First of all, unlike the former Tory government, is the McGuinty government committed to a full environmental assessment on the mid-peninsula corridor project?

Hon Harinder S. Takhar (Minister of Transportation): As I indicated in the House last week, our government is completely committed to a full environmental assessment for the mid-peninsula transportation corridor. This commitment was made as a part of the Liberal election platform, and we are keeping our promise.

Ms Mossop: My constituents are also concerned about the commitment to the overall project itself. There has been some confusion created, saying that we are slamming the brakes on the project. It is my understanding that our government is committed to the project because of the ever-increasing cross-border truck traffic, and also that that is putting pressure on the QEW to expand into our Niagara tender fruit lands. Minister, will you reassure the people of Stoney Creek that the government remains committed to the mid-peninsula transportation corridor project?

Hon Mr Takhar: Our government understands the importance of this project for trade, commerce and even the gridlock issues in that area, so we are absolutely committed to proceeding with this project. But we want to make sure we do the full environmental assessment so we can assess the social, economic and environmental aspects of the issue.


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