There's an urgent need to envisage the bigger picture

Niagara task force

Nov 20, 2003 Patricia Nicholson, Dundas - The Hamilton Spectator

RE: 'Protect fruit land, panel says' (Nov. 14)

I can't help but comment on the irony of the Niagara Agricultural Task Force's stand on protecting the region's tender fruit lands.

They recognize the significance of that specific agricultural area to Canada, yet support the mid peninsula highway -- a project that would devastate a United Nations World biosphere reserve (significant to the world) as well as devastate a good majority of the remaining prime agriculture land in Southern Ontario.

The stance sounds somewhat hypocritical at best. It truly is time act upon the approach put forth by the city of Burlington and look at transportation planning for Southern Ontario as a whole. There is a need to think about an overall vision -- not just for our own backyard.

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