Klees has turned off this Tory

Election 2003 - Sept 19 Rob Narejko, Burlington - The Hamilton Spectator

RE: 'Burlington says Klees reneged on mid-pen alternatives' (Sept. 17).

Transportation Minister Frank Klees has just cost the Progressive Conservative party my long-time support.

It is a huge abuse of trust when Mayor Rob MacIsaac is told (confirmed by Transportation Ministry staff) that Klees would seriously study alternatives to the mid-peninsula highway such as rail and public transit.

Now, Klees says he promised only to "look at alternative routes."

What we need are solutions for the millions of people in the GTA so we can get to work, visit friends and travel to entertainment events in a timely manner. I thought the PC party had that in its Smart Growth initiative. I can only assume they don't read their own proposals or don't care about what these residents think.

Judging by this latest round of spin doctoring, I realize that the PCs care only about paving over nature to put more trucks on our overcrowded GTA highways, add to the congestion and worsen our quality of life.

My apologies to MPPs Cam Jackson and Ted Chudleigh, two fine representatives who won't be getting support from me or my friends.


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