Mid-pen isn't needed

Jul. 29, 2003 The Spectator letters to the editor


RE: 'Civic politicians win mid-pen meeting with minister; Niagara wants to reach compromise and speed construction of highway' (July 28).

Once again, Niagara Region Chair Debbie Zimmerman leads the rush to build what many consider to be "her" highway in the mid-peninsula corridor. She's been its leading and most vocal champion.

It would be nice if she would appear to understand that the highway doesn't just disappear when it leaves her region.

She refuses to acknowledge the consequences the highway would have along the rest of its 130-kilometre length -- including more bad air for Hamilton, more urban sprawl, and damage to the Niagara Escarpment.

The tired Niagara argument about protecting the tender fruit lands is a red herring. Even Transport Ministry officials quietly admit there is lots of room for extra lanes on the Niagara section of the Queen Elizabeth Way without harming even one cherry tree.

The debate boils down to imaginary damage to the fruit lands versus very real damage to the Niagara Escarpment. Which is more important?

-- Sue McMaster, Flamborough.



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