Middle class will ultimately pay a price should mid-peninsula highway get built

Burlington Post, Letters to the Editor July 4, 2003

Stop the mid-peninsula highway madness.

We should not be worried about where to put it or make connections, but how to stop it altogether.

If we have a Mid-Peninsula highway, we will be able to move cars more efficiently on the QEW.

This will make the area from Stoney Creek to Niagara Falls much more desirable for housing and highrise condominiums, especially along the lakeshore.

In a short time, the peninsula will look like downtown Toronto. Think about it. Is this a good life?

The only thing more development does is make the rich richer and the middle class poorer.

When it comes to development, we have to learn where to draw the line.

If you think bigger and more is better, just visit the middle class neighbourhoods in places like New York.

If quality of life matters to you, you must help stop the Mid-Peninsula highway.

John Stevens, Brantford


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