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The Hamilton Spectator:
  • Bateman sick over planned highway - Hamilton Spectator, Sep. 26, 2002. 01:02 AM-
    Celebrated artist Robert Bateman is lamenting the planned "desecration of (his) sacred place," the Niagara Escarpment, to make way for the mid-peninsula highway. [Full Story]
  • Explore alternatives to this highway - Hamilton Spectator -2002-09-23 01:05:47 - By Joan Little
    In Burlington at least, the proposed mid-peninsula highway is the latest I-hate-government hot button. Residents feel under siege by Ontario's "foregone conclusion" type of highway planning.
  • For whom does Caplan speak?
    2002-09-23 01:05:31 [Unknown]
    RE: 'NEC wants assessment of new highway' (Sept. 19).
  • 'All-clear' sign premaure
    2002-09-21 01:14:38 [Unknown]
    RE: 'NEC wants assessment of new highway' (Sept. 19)
  • Government is stuck in '50s thinking
    2002-09-21 01:13:37 [Unknown]
    RE: 'Hamiltonians invited to highway meeting' (Sept. 16).
  • Another chance to gouge?
    2002-09-14 01:32:18 [Unknown]
    RE: 'Burlington to province: rework highway plans' (Sept. 11), 'MPP opposes mid-peninsula route,' and 'New highway should be last resort on congestion' (Sept. 12).
  • Test a free 407 for a month
    2002-09-14 01:32:16 [Unknown]
    RE: 'Burlington to province: rework highway plans' (Sept. 11).
  • New highway should be last resort on congestion
    2002-09-12 01:44:42 [Unknown]
    It's time to apply the brakes and return to the drawing board in studying the proposed mid-peninsula highway as it affects Hamilton and Burlington. That message resonated emphatically at the latest public meeting on the controversial project this week. Consultants retained by Burlington and Hamilton found the transportation ministry's work to date was full of as many holes as a Swiss cheese. That's not acceptable for a highway which would have enormous implications for the people of this area, if it proceed
  • Let's fight to save Escarpment
    2002-09-10 00:51:00 [Entertainment]
    In recent times, Canadians have had more and more occasions to observe governments that have become arrogant and have compromised, ignored, or even imposed their agenda against the public will. A particularly odious example of this is the current Ontario government's violation of the spirit of due process in its decision to blast a highway through an ecologically sensitive portion of the Niagara Escarpment.
  • Distrust dominates highway session - Jul. 29, 2002 - By Joan Little
  • The Hamilton Spectator Editorial/opinion, Thursday, July 11, 2002, - Province should look at alternative routes; Mid-peninsula highway: Burlington fears justified (PDF)
  • The Hamilton Spectator News, Thursday, July 18, 2002, p. A08 Highway session short on specifics: residents (PDF)
The Toronto Star:
The Flamborough Post:
  • Burlington Post:

  • Robert Bateman joins fight against proposed highway - Irene Gentle, Special to the Post
    Oct 2, 2002


  • The Spectator Sept 26.
    A Ministry of Transportation representative told Hamilton city council it will probably be about eight years before land acquisition can begin for the proposed Mid-Peninsula Highway from Fort Erie to Burlington.

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