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The highway and the Ontario Election:
June 12, 2014.

Political Parties Transportation Platforms and Position on Building the Mid-Peninsula Highway also known as the Niagara to GTA Corridor.

PC Party

Will build the Mid-Peninsula Highway.

Liberal Party

Results of Niagara to GTA Environment Assessment Study completed in 2013.


Would not create new highways like the Mid-Peninsula corridor.

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Click here for COPE / SEHC comments on the Niagara to G

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Highway? No Way.


Highway? No Way.



To kick off the October campaign to stop the Niagara to GTA highway, the Stop Escarpment Highway Coalition took to the sky. "We're pleased to provide the link to the video we've just completed, highlighting the beauty of the Niagara Escarpment and the need to save it from being paved.”

See what a large group of committed volunteers can do with just gas money for the plane!

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The Stop Escarpment Highway Coalition (SEHC) needs your help now!  Please send a postcard! 

Despite then Transportation Minister Wynne's pre-election promise not to build the Niagara to GTA highway, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has moved forward with plans full speed ahead.  This fall the MTO will present current Transport Minister Chiarelli with the preferred route.  It will be in one of the gray shaded areas shown on the map below.  

To tell the Minister we don't need or want a highway, you can download the postcard PDF file.  Fill in your name and return address and mail it.  If you prefer, the Minister's electronic contact information is also provided on the card.

Despite pre-election  promises it is clear that the MTO is steaming full ahead
with the highway in
West Flamborough. 
Given the provinces financial woes, this is a head-shaker.

The latest MTO map shows a series of potential new highway corridors connecting the 403 at Ancaster to either the 401, Highway #6 or the 407 in Burlington.   

See the highlights of COGECO's live special on the Niagara to GTA Highway originally aired on October 4th, 2012. Hosted by Mark Carr.

Visit the COGECO site to view



View an excellent article online the highway status as of June 2012.


View More Details and high resolution map

Congestion:  Now and in 25 Years

New/Press Releases

Hot News: Upcoming COGECO call-in show on the NGTA highway this Thursday at 7PM.

Latest information on the Niagara GTA and the GTA West highways

Province Should Save Taxpayers Money And Build Transit Says Coalition - Hamilton / Burlington: May 22, 2012

NGTA: One Step Closer to Sustainable ransportation
Niagara Escarpment:
Sept 29, 2011

Plans to build a costly Horseshoe Mega highway from Fort Erie to Vaughan that will saddle Ontario taxpayers.....

COPE SEHC NEWS UPDATE - September 18, 2011

Hot News
Ontario Election 2011 - Where do the Parties Stand on the Highway?

COPE SEHC News Update - Sept 2011

Provincial election – Party platform assessment

Responses to questions posed by Green Prosperity. Of note is question 5 below. Click here to view.

To view the complete questionnaire click here.

Hot News
Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne says Ontario Liberal Government won't go forward with the NGTA in Flamborough / Burlington

July 28, 2011 - By Christina Commisso,
Read More: NTGA Won't go forward

Hot News


August 03, 2011 - By Kevin Werner

Read More: NTGA Won't go forward 

Media Releases

Niagara-GTA Corridor/Mid-Pen Meeting
May 19, 2011 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Learn More

Hudak's Friday Morning Wake-Up Call
Hudak’s Friday Morning Wake-Up Call - Niagara Escarpment, 04/14/11
Hudak's Friday Morning Wake Up
Halton & Burlington Resolve ROPA 38
Note: The battle against the Niagara GTA highway in Flamborough and North Burlington is On-going
Feb. 8, 2011 - Learn More...

In the News

COPE SEHC News Update - Sept 2011

Highway would ensure our future - May 11, 2011 Edition

New highway costs too much - Hamilton Spectator – February 17, 2011

Hamilton Spectator – February 7, 2011 Groups merge for GTA highway fight Want project to remain off region's official plan

The Hamilton Spectator - Letter to the Editor Re: Groups merge for GTA highway fight February 5, 2011 Edition

FRIGID RECEPTION FOR HUDAK- Flamborough, January 17, 2011

Hudak To Face Protestors Monday Morning - Jan 15, 2011

Hudak’s $6 Billion Highway Doesn’t Make Fiscal Cents BURLINGTON, January 12, 2011

Click to View larger ROPA Map

News Flash

June 2010:  The Niagara highway route has been quashed but the threat to Flamborough, Burlington and the Niagara Escarpment is very much alive.   The Ministry of Transportation has brought back the original Mid-Peninsula Highway Option “C”.  It would pave a new highway from the 403 around Ancaster to the 407 in Burlinton.  This option wasn’t acceptable in 2001 and isn’t acceptable now.

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NGTA project team

Write to our Political Leaders.

Ask electorial candidates where
they stand on this issue

COPEs and the SEHC's
Comments on the NGTA Project

- Comments

- Dr. David Pengelly's review of the RWDI  Air Quality report

Hudak's Friday Morning Wake-Up Call 

Flamborough - Burlington 
Natural Capital report 
- June 1, 2011

click for report

**  The SEHC commissioned the ground breaking Natural Capital report to provide a valuation to the eco-systems, and the services they provide, in the GTA West study area.  Under ideal circumstances, the government would complete such a study.  Since that was not the case we have done so ourselves in an effort to ensure more informed decision making.  The services provided in NGTA West Study area are valued at $912 million annually.  This is only represents one third of the entire NGTA study area. 

COPE is a proud member of the 
Stop Escarpment Highway Coalition
Stop Highway

The Stop Escarpment Highway Coalition member groups are (PDF):

Importance of ROPA 38
Halton & Burlington Resolve ROPA 38

Escarpment Stories

Send us your story about why the escarpment is significant to you

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What’s Old is New Again

In June 2010, the NGTA corridor team identified this area for a future highway corridor.  It cuts through the heart of Flamborough and crosses the escarpment in Burlington on the way to meet highway 407.

read moreCOPE's letter to Premier McGuinty outlining concerns with the NGTA corridor process.
The City of Hamilton and Niagara Region commissioned a $200,000 economic report of the NGTA corridor. Additional Information:

read moreCOPEs comments on the Niagara GTA Corridor PIC # 3.

NGTA Alternatives 4-3 and 4-4 (June 2010)
look very much like the old MPH: Options "F" and "C"

 Alternative 4-3 (pdf) | Alternative 4-4 (pdf)

click for larger image

click for larger image
NEW  Alternative 4-3 (pdf)
NEW  Alternative 4-4 (pdf)

OLD MPH MAP click for larger version of map

NEW MAP click for larger version of map

Your comments are needed on the new Plan.
Use this link to access contacts




February 24, 2005 News Release:
Protection of Key Lands in the Golden Horseshoe Now Law

COPE's Latest Newsletter

Wake Up Flamborough Once It’s Paved - It’s Gone

COPE to remain vigilant during new review of mid-pen corridor -

Mr. Batemen, honourary Chair of COPE, says proposed highway is a "Horror Story"

Learn more about how Mr. Suzuki feels about protecting the Niagara Escarpment

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